Request a new token or Report a Lost, Stolen or Damaged Token


In order to access many Bowdoin applications or services, you must enroll in 2-step authentication with Duo. If you do not have a smartphone or do not have texting or calling setup as a secondary authentication service, you will have to use a hardware "token". This token will either be a USB token or a colored token (usually black or gray) with a push-button that displays a number on a digital screen.

If you have been assigned a device and it has been lost, stolen or it becomes damaged in some way (including having a battery die on you), let us know by filling out the form linked on the right when you click the "Token Help" button. Any old tokens will be removed from your account and a new one will be issued to you.

Available To

Any faculty, staff or student who needs a token or has been issued a token can use this form to notify us that they need a new one.

Service Promise

We will issue a new token to you within 2-3 business days, based on availability of the hardware. In some cases we may have the devices on order which limits how quickly a new one will be issued. A new token will be sent through inter-office mail so if you prefer to receive it more quickly, let us know and you can stop by our offices to pick one up.

Token Help

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