Border Firewall Exception Request

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By default, access through Bowdoin's border firewall is set to deny. Any traffic not explicitly allowed by rule will not be able to traverse from off campus to on-campus services. On-campus services are not limited to services that are physically on campus, but to those that may be logically connected and configured as well, such as hosted servers and services.

If there is a service that is required to have access through the firewall, a request can be made by completing the request form.

To create a request, click on the  Firewall Exception button on the right.


This service is available to faculty and staff only.

Service Promise:

This request will be reviewed by IT Security and IT Infrastructure. If approved, it will be submitted through the IT Change Review process and only after approved will the work be completed. The overall time frame could be up to two weeks before an approved request will be fulfilled.

Firewall Exception

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