Digital Accessibility Request

Digital accessibility is the process of making digital products, such as websites, mobile apps, and other online tools, accessible to everyone. It is about ensuring all users can access the same information, regardless of ability. For support and questions about digital accessibility feel free to submit a request or contact Juli Haugen in Academic Technology and Consulting.

Example Requests

  • Converting a non-accessible pdf into something more accessible.
  • Ideas for creating more accessible PowerPoint presentations.
  • Learning what assistive technology is available and how to use it.
  • Support or guidance in making digital materials accessible.
  • Assistance with adding or editing captions in video or audio files.
  • Inquiring about options for digital note-taking or text to speech software.

For more information about accessibility resources at Bowdoin visit the Accessibility web site.

Submit a Digital Accessibility Request

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Do you want to make your presentations better understood for everyone in the room?  People may have difficulty hearing from the back row or with other noise in the room or be a native speaker in another language. Live Subtitles are available in PowerPoint and can provide captions for your presentation or on a blank slide on the screen to show captions.
Adding captions to videos used in your class is helpful for all students. It helps those who learn better through reading, those needing to watch videos in noisy environments, or in spaces where sound needs to be turned off.


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