Request Caption Editing for Course Videos


Adding captions to videos used in your class is helpful for all students. It helps those who learn better through reading, those needing to watch videos in noisy environments or in spaces where sound needs to be turned off.

Captioning Process

Most class videos will be uploaded to Ensemble Video. Recordings of Zoom synchronous sessions in the cloud have been set up to automatically go to an individual's Ensemble video library and brings with it Zoom's caption file. Both Zoom and Ensemble use Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) to create speech to text captions which may need some editing for accuracy.

Caption Editing Requests

Editing captions takes time. Bowdoin has a ready-to-help group of trained staff and student caption editors available to edit captions used in classes.


Caption editors will:

  • Locate the video in your Ensemble Video library.
  • Edit the caption file directly in Ensemble using Ensemble's caption editing program.
  • Editors will correct words that the ASR did not process correctly and add punctuation. 
  • Editors will need 48 hours to complete the captions. When complete, the edited captions will automatically update in your video.

For questions relating to having video captions edited contact Lisa Bouffard, Test Center Coordinator.




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