Real-time, Automatic, Subtitles in PowerPoint

Do you want to make your presentations better understood for everyone in the room? People may have difficulty hearing from the back row or with other noise in the room or be a native speaker in another language. Live Captions and Subtitles are available in PowerPoint and can provide captions for your presentation or just on a blank slide on the screen just to show captions.

Note: Subtitles are available only in Office 365 in the web and Desktop applications.

Turn on Live Subtitles

  1. Open your PowerPoint presentation or a blank slide.
  2. Click on the Slide Show menu.
  3. Select the Always Use Subtitles check box.

  4. Under Subtitle Settings choose where you would like the subtitles to appear on the screen, select the microphone your voice will be coming from, and select the language spoken and shown on the screen as a subtitle.

  5. Start your presentation and begin talking to test the subtitles and to make sure the microphone is working



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