Retire Printer


This service offering allows customers to request the removal and retirement of a printer as well as all network details relating to the printer. If this service is used, the printer will be removed along with the printer's name and IP address. If you are looking to move a printer and not have it removed completely, do not use this service offering.


This service offering would be used by departments when they are looking to remove a printer completely. The printer name would be removed and the printer would no longer be accessible.


There is no cost and a project code will not be requested.

Service Promise

Once a request is submitted, physical removal will be scheduled by IT or IT may request someone within the department to create a work order for Facilities Management to remove the printer. Usually within 2-3 days the printer's name and network addressing will be removed and the printer, even if not physically removed, will no longer be useable.

Retire Printer


Service Offering Id: 206
Fri 2/25/22 5:12 PM
Fri 9/30/22 4:36 PM