Request Account Changes

Your Bowdoin user account is issued to all Bowdoin students, faculty and staff. It provides access to the majority of services provided by Bowdoin Information and Technology and other organizations on campus. For this reason, it is important that all account information be kept up to date and accurate. Refer to the following examples for possible account changes or information add-on’s.

Examples of Bowdoin account changes requiring form:

  • Legal Name change
  • Email display name change
  • Department Change
  • Title Change
  • Request Professional Alias
  • Request Removal of Alias

Examples of Bowdoin Account changes not requiring form:

  • Display Names/Preferred names, changed through Workday          

Required Attributes for change:

  • Full Name and/or username
  • Attribute(s) to be updated – Please provide current attribute data as well as the modification.
  • Ideal time, during business hours for owner of account to logout and login, applying any changes to local computer.

Available to:

  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff

Service Promise:

Changes to account information may be subject to Human Resources or Academic Dean’s approval. Scheduling between client and IT regarding the account adjustment will need to occur before any changes are made, unless otherwise specified by the client. We will make every attempt to complete the request within 5 business days following approval from any necessary parties.

Request Account Changes


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