Network File/Folder Request


There are hundreds of network locations in which are stored millions of files that are used by a variety of faculty, staff and students across campus. Access to most of this data is restricted to departments or individuals. In order to receive access to this data, Information Technology requires approval from what is known as the data owner, the person or persons who either created the data or has authority to provide permission to others. In most cases the access is within a department to a certain folder or set of folders for an individual. In other cases, there may be special access required by persons outside of a department. You can use this form to request access to any network folder that exists.


  • You can request read-only or read-write access to a folder or folders that exist on Bowdoin's network.
  • You can request that someone's permissions be removed from a network file or folder
  • You can request a change or move to a network file or folder.

Available to

The request is available to all faculty, staff and students. Since students don't always have supervisors, you should enter your Dean's name and email address in place of a supervisor if one is not available.

Service Promise

Once access to data has been authorized by a supervisor, senior officer, faculty member or dean, we will complete the request within one business day.

Network Folder Request


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