Add student, faculty, or staff to a course


Blackboard is a web-based tool which students and faculty use to share educational resources with each other.  Found at, the service allows for the posting of educational materials by faculty members for students as well as provides students with a place to view and upload homework, take placement tests, and view other electronic resources which professors post. 

There will be times that you may need additional people added to your course. Click on "Add to Course" on the right make that request. 


You can use this form to request that an additional person or account be added to your Blackboard course or Organization. You can request to add:

  • Missing or additional student
  • Additional faculty or instructor
  • Others associated with your course or organization

Available To

These services are available to all current faculty, staff and students as needed.

Service Promise

During the academic year, we will work to respond to your request within 1 business day.

Add Person to Course


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