PaperCut Printer Request

Explanation of Service Offering

PaperCut has an ability to perform some of the most robust printing available. Throughout the initial installation, PaperCut has been developed to support the widest range of printing that meets the needs of as many people as possible, however some features may be available that are not set up. In these cases, a request can be entered to look into enabling certain printer functionality

Some items that may be requested include forcing all print jobs to be printed in grayscale, all print jobs to a specific printer to always be printed duplex, to have a non-generic printer created because advanced printing functions are required (i.e. collating, binding, stapling, etc.).


PaperCut is the College's print management solution. It manages everything from the ability to print and scan to tracking the amount of environmental impact the community has through printing.

While Information Technology staff has done the best to anticipate the printing needs as they implemented PaperCut, there are use cases or issues that may come up that weren't thought of. You may make a request of IT to adjust how some aspects of PaperCut work for your department by completing the request form linked on this page.


There is no cost for requesting assistance with modifying some print behaviors.

Service Promise

The Service Desk will evaluate the request and respond within 2-3 business days.

PaperCut Printer Request


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Mon 7/25/22 2:30 PM
Fri 9/30/22 4:36 PM