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Explanation of Service Offering

Students are allocated the equivalent of $60 per semester for printing, with the remainder of funds from the fall rolling over into the spring semester. This equates to a total of up to 2,000 black and white pages (this amount will decrease if color printing or non-duplex documents are printed). Once this credit us used up, additional printing funds are automatically drawn from a student's OneCard account. In certain cases, additional free prints can be requested when there may be an excessive need to print for class work is required. Students may make a request for $3.00 at a time and approval will be required before additional funds are provided.


There is sometimes the need to print a more than average amount for a specific class or assignment. If students need to continue to print during a semester and they do not have the funds in their OneCard account to pay for printing, a request can be made for additional print allocations.


There is no cost for requesting additional print allocations.

Service Promise

The Service Desk will review and decide on credits or refunds within 5 business days.

Request Additional Print Funds


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