Report iPad Damage


All iPads, Apple Pencils, and Apple Magic Keyboards that were purchased as part of the 2020 iPad Program come with 4-year AppleCare+. This coverage includes accidental damage or hardware malfunction for 4 years from purchase.

If you have a Bowdoin-issued iPad, you can request assistance for a variety of hardware and software issues. Some examples include:

  • Cracked or broken screen
  • Broken iPad
  • Liquid Spills
  • Broken Apple Pencil (not including a damaged pencil tip)
  • and more

To request assistance, click on the iPad Damange button.


This service is available to faculty, staff and students with a Bowdoin-issued iPad.

For warranty support, you should call AppleCare for Education directly rather than going to an Apple store or using Apple's Chat support.  Contact AppleCare Education for assistance by phone at


There is a service fee for any physical damage replacement or any hardware replacement after the initial 90-day manufacturer's warranty.

  • $49 for each iPad instance
  • $29 for each Apple Magic Keyboard instance
  • $29 for each Apple Pencil instance.

Service Promise:

Because the majority of this service is handled by Apple, we will defer to Apple's service offerings.

Report iPad Damage


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