Flipgrid for Video Conversations


Flipgrid is a video discussion and conversation app that helps you see and hear from every student and to foster social learning. In Flipgrid, you can post discussion prompts and students can respond with short videos, whether they are learning in class or online. Flipgrid is free and uses your Bowdoin login via single sign-on. Features available include video moderation, closed captions, and more.


  • Socratic discussions
  • Social presence
  • Research presentations
  • Project-based learning
  • Asynchronous learning

Accessing Flipgrid

Faculty access Flipgrid as an Educator. To do so, visit the Flipgrid website and:

  1. Click on the Educator Login link in the top-left corner.
  2. Select Microsoft Login
  3. Select Work or School Account
  4. This will take you to Bowdoin's Single Sign-on page where you will use your Bowdoin login. 

Students access Flipgrid with codes that faculty create for them within Flipgrid. Students will not need to login.

NOTE: Flipgrid has only a loose integration with Bowdoin accounts through our single sign-on system. Flipgrid accounts are separate from Bowdoin accounts. You will need to manage your Flipgrid educator account with Flipgrid directly. There is no integration for students and class enrollments. You will have to manage students access to their material (grids).

Flipgrid Resources

There are a number of resources available from Flipgrid for learning how to integrate it into your teaching and learning.


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