Broken iPad, Apple Keyboard or Apple Pencil


  • I broke my iPad, how can I get it fixed?
  • I spilled water on my Apple Magic Keyboard, can it be repaired?
  • My Apple Pencil isn't working, can it be replaced?


The iPads, Apple Magic Keyboards, and Apple Pencils provided to students and faculty for the 2020-2021 academic year are covered under AppleCare+. 

Students will be able to self-replace their devices by contacting Apple directly.

Faculty should contact the Service Desk for assistance.


The iPads, Apple Magic Keyboards, and Apple Pencils provided to students and faculty for the 2020-2021 academic year include 4 years of AppleCare+. This means that they are covered for damage or malfunction, up to 2 times per year, per device, for a nominal fee. All damage is covered, including accidental breakage, cracked screen, etc.

Student replacement costs, charged by Apple are as follows

  • $49 fee for iPad replacement
  • $29 fee for Magic Keyboard replacement
  • $29 fee for Apple Pencil replacement

Faculty replacement costs may be charged back to each department. A project code may be requested for this charge back.

Student Process

While student replacements can be handled completely by the student, we ask for each damage replacement you engage the IT Sevice Desk. Each device is owned by the college, therefore we need to perform certain tasks on iPads before Apple will allow them to be replaced, and we need to maintain and update inventory and asset information for future repairs, if necessary.

  1. Complete the Broken iPad, Apple Keyboard, Apple Pencil form. A ticket will be issued to the Service Desk and an email confirming it will be sent to you. KEEP THE EMAIL. You will use the links in this email to update your ticket in step 6 below.
  2. Contact Apple Care directly at 1-800-800-2775 or engage with Apple online.
    1. If the damage is to an iPad, the Service Desk will issue some commands that will allow the device to be returned to Apple.
  3. Apple will send a box to the address you provide them
  4. Package the damaged device and send it to Apple in the pre-paid box.
  5. Once received, Apple will quickly evaluate and send a replacement device.
  6. Apple will also send an email with the old and new serial numbers. Using the link from the email you received in step 1, update your ticket with the new serial number of the device you are receiving.
  7. The Service Desk will close your ticket.

Faculty Process

  1. Either contact the Service Desk or complete the Broken iPad, Apple Keyboard, Apple Pencil form.
  2. If you are living in the area, a replacement iPad will be available to you immediately.
  3. The Service Desk will manage the replacement and keep the returned device for back stock.


If you need further assistance, please contact the Bowdoin College Service Desk


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