Replacement Apple Pencil Tips


  • My Apple Pencil tip has broken, is it covered under AppleCare?
  • I've lost my Apple Pencil tip, can they be replaced?


Each Apple Pencil (version 1 and version 2) come with a small plastic tip. These tips can break off, unscrew or be worn down over time from use. They are relatively easy to replace.


While the Apple Pencil is covered under AppleCare, it doesn't actually make sense to open an AppleCare case. AppleCare would charge the cost of a replacement pencil, which is $29, and it would use up one of the support incidents that come with AppleCare for the pencil.

In most cases, it is recommended to simply purchase replacement tips. A 4-pack of Apple Pencil tips, compatible with both versions of the Apple Pencil cost $19 directly from Apple, and can be found at some big box stores like Best Buy and even Amazon (be sure to always purchase real Apple Pencil tip replacements so as not to void Apple's Warranty).

To purchase a 4-pack of Apple Pencil tips from Apple, visit Apple's website.


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Tue 2/16/21 9:45 AM