Change the macOS default telephone calling app from FaceTime to Teams


  • When I click a telephone number link on my Mac, FaceTime opens instead of Teams.
  • FaceTime keeps opening when I click a phone number on my Mac.


By default, macOS is configured to use FaceTime to make and receive telephone calls. Under normal circumstances, this setting will work fine as you can manually make and receive calls in Microsoft Teams through the Teams interface. However, when you click a link to a telephone number online or in an email, FaceTime will open instead of Teams. In order to make Teams the default call handler for telephone calls in macOS, follow the instructions below.


  • Go to Macintosh HD -> Applications and open the FaceTime app.
  • Once opened, click on FaceTime​​​​​​​ in the menu bar, then select Preferences.
  • Under the "Settings" tab, look towards the bottom for the drop-down next to "Default for calls:".
  • Select Microsoft Teams from the list.
  • Close the window and close FaceTime.
  • Teams will now become the default calling app in macOS.

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