How to install or delete a PaperCut printer

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  • How do I install a PaperCut printer?
  • How can I install a Bowdoin printer?
  • How can I delete a printer I no longer need?


While some Bowdoin printers can still be installed in a more "traditional" fashion, the preferred method for installation is to leverage Print Deploy. Print Deploy will allow both automated installation, manual installation and an ability to delete printers that may no longer be needed. It also allows for the automated updates of printer options, printer drivers, and more.


Sign in to Print Deploy

The first step to using Print Deploy is to sign in. Open the Print Deploy client that has been automatically installed on Bowdoin-owned and managed computers. Look for the Print Deploy icon either in the menu bar on macOS or in the Task Tray in Windows (which is normally in the lower-right corner of the screen, near the clock. Hint: You might need to click the up arrow icon to show all applications in the task tray).

PaperCut Print Deploy menu bar icon

Click on the icon and choose "View my printers" from the menu.

When the login screen opens, enter your Bowdoin username and password and click Sign in and add printers. You can check the box next to "Don't show me this again" to save your credentials.

PaperCut Print Deploy main login window


Print Deploy Automated Printer Installation

Once installed, Print Deploy is able to install some Bowdoin printers automatically. Some printers will be configured to be installed automatically for everyone, some can be configured to be installed automatically based on the current computer location, while others can be assigned to people or departments.

Any PaperCut printer that is already installed on your computer, including any printer that is automatically installed, will appear on the "My printers" pane. You will be able to identify printers that are automatically installed because the delete option (the trash can icon) will be crossed out. You are not able to remove auto-installed printers.

To ensure that you have all automated printers installed, click on the Print Deploy icon from the menu bar or task tray again and choose "Refresh my printers now". Print Deploy will communicate with the PaperCut server and update itself. This will install or remove assigned printers as well as update and settings on existing printers.

Print Deploy Manual Printer Installation

  • You can install additional available printers at any time by opening the Print Deploy software and once logged in, select "Add printers" on the left.
  • Locate the printer you'd like to install by either scrolling through the list or searching for it.
  • Once identified, click on Install next to the printer. The printer will install in just a few moments and you'll be ready to print!
    PaperCut Print Deploy Add Printer screen with Add Printer and Install highlighted.

Print Deploy Printer Deletion

  • You can delete any manually installed printer at any time by opening the Print Deploy software and once logged in, select "My printers" on the left.
  • Locate the printer you'd like to remove.
  • Click on the trashcan icon to delete the printer.
    PaperCut Print Deploy application window with "My Printers" and the delete (trash can) icon highlighted.

If you need further assistance, please contact the Bowdoin College Service Desk

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