How to photocopy in PaperCut


  • How can I copy a document on a PaperCut device?
  • Can I still copy on a PaperCut device?
  • Do I need to setup anything special to be able to make photocopies?


Many people have a need or desire to photocopy documents as part of their job. With PaperCut, all of the multi-function devices (MFDs) on campus have the ability to make photocopies. You access the copy options through the PaperCut interface.


The following steps will walk you through copying from a PaperCut device.

  • Go to an MFD that has PaperCut installed.
  • Tap your Bowdoin ID or sign in to the PaperCut interface on the printer's touch panel.
  • Tap the Device Functions button

    Screenshot of the PaperCut interface showing the Print Release button, the Device functions button, and the Scan button from left to right.
  • Once you access the device's functions, tap the Copy button

    Image of the device functions available on a multi-function device with PaperCut installed.
  • After pressing the Copy button, you will have access to all of the traditional copy options.

    Image of a device's copy functions screen.

If you need further assistance, please contact the Bowdoin College Service Desk

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