Information about scanning and copying at Bowdoin.

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Pinned Article General information about scanning with PaperCut

General information about settings and scan options available when scanning from a multi-function device with PaperCut.

How to break up large scan jobs into individual documents

Information on how to break large scan jobs that contain multiple documents into individual PDF files.

How to charge a project / account for copies with PaperCut

Information on how to charge a department for copying, if an account code/project code is assigned in PaperCut

How to photocopy in PaperCut

Information on how to photocopy from PaperCut on a multi-function device

How to scan to email from a PaperCut device

Information on how to scan to email with PaperCut.

How to send a fax from a PaperCut Printer

Information on how to send a fax on a PaperCut enabled multi-function device.

How to scan to OneDrive from a PaperCut device

These instructions provide guidance on how to scan documents to your Bowdoin OneDrive account.