How to set up Apple Mail for use with a Bowdoin email account

Apple's Mail app, as well as Calendar and Contacts, can be configured to use a Bowdoin email account. The following steps will walk you through configuring Mail to use a Bowdoin account.


OS X 10.14 and Newer

Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Reminders and Notes are all managed from the same central location. Opening an individual app, going to the menu bar and selecting Accounts... will bring you to the same location. The instructions will take you directly to the Accounts panel without needing to access any of these individual applications.

  1. Open the Applications folder and go to Utilities
  2. Double-click on System Preferences to open it
  3. Double-click on Internet Accounts
  4. Click on Exchange on the right
  5. Enter your name, email address and password for your Bowdoin account and click Sign-In
  6. Click Sign-In at the Sign in to your Exchange account using Microsoft?
  7. Enter your password at the Bowdoin Single Sign-In page and authenticate with Two-Factor.
  8. Select which apps to use with your Bowdoin account and click Done. 
  9. Open Mail and verify that your mailbox and all of its messages are downloading correctly.


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