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Every regular faculty and staff (FTE) whose job requires a computer will have:

  • A computer not more than five years old 
  • Monitor (monitors are no longer replaced every 4 years. If you require a new monitor, please submit a CAP request)
Please note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of the CAP 2020 auto-replacements were placed on hold. At this time, every CAP year will be pushed ahead by 1 year. This means that we will fulfill the CAP 2020 auto-replacements in the summer of 2021, the 2021 auto-replacements in 2022, and so on until all 4 CAP seasons have been completed.

The following are the new configurations for 2021: 

  • Apple Laptop
    • Macbook Pro (your choice of 13" M1 or 16" model -- if not specified, 16" will be provided).
      • M1 features 8-core GPU
        • 16GB unified memory
        • 512GB SSD
      • 16" Intel includes 9th gen i7 processor with 4GB AMD Radeon Pro graphics
        • 16GB memory
          • 512GB SSD
      • ​​​​​​​A laptop case will be provided
      • Accessories: A single external monitor, laptop stand, keyboard and mouse available if this is to be used as a primary workstation.
  • Windows Laptop
    • ​​​​​​​Dell Latitude (your choice of 14" or 15.6" model)
      • i7 processor
      • 16GB memory
      • 512GB SSD.
    • A laptop case will be provided.
    • Accessories: A single external monitor, docking station, keyboard and mouse available available if laptop is to be used as primary workstation.

Please note that actual specifications may be adjusted at the time of purchase, depending upon availability and pricing.
If you want to replace a computer that is less than four years old, please provide a detailed justification. 


The following packages are available through the college and can be installed as required on a new machine. They do not require special purchasing or requests: 

  • Windows 10 or macOS Big Sur 
  • Microsoft 365 Suite including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, and more 
  • Various Web Browsers
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Products
  • Antivirus Software 
  • A variety of other productivity, utility, and academic applications are also available.

For specialized software other than that listed above, please provide a detailed description and justification.

Peripherals and Upgrades 

Every regular faculty and staff member whose job requires a computer can request the following, but a short explanation is required: 

Individual Requests 
  • Larger Monitor 
  • Additional memory 
Departmental Requests 
  • Flatbed Scanner 
  • Laser Printer (shared printing should be used whenever possible)
  • Digital Camera (still) 
  • Digital Camera (video) 

For peripherals or upgrades other than those listed above, please provide a detailed description and justification. Some purchases, including monitor arms or second monitors may be at the expense of the department, if approved.

Requests for Hardware and/or Software of $10,000 or more 

The Academic Computing Committee encourages those making requests for substantial resources ($10,000 or more) to seek grants or other sources of funding before applying to the Committee for hardware or software. While the Committee appreciates that this may not always be possible (or successful), it will rank justifications for requests in the context of the following hierarchy: 

  1. Requests to continue teaching and research activities initially funded by other grants (and when the activities have proven essential for ongoing teaching and research)
  2. Requests to initiate teaching and research activities for which faculty and/or staff have sought other funding. 
  3. Requests which will have an institutional impact on education and/or research. 
  4. Requests which will have a department or program impact. 
  5. Requests which will impact the teaching or research of one faculty member.


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