How to deliver, or "Release" email blocked by the Microsoft 365 spam filter


  • I received an email that says a message is in my spam filter, how can view it?
  • Can I send an email message from the spam filter to my inbox.


Microsoft 365's spam filters scan all emails coming into Bowdoin's email system and block or "quarantine" items that appear to be junk mail, spam, or phishing attacks. If the filter blocks an email that has been sent to your account, you will receive an email from "" alerting you that at least one message has not been delivered to your Inbox. 


Manage quarantine message from the quarantine email

There are a few things you can do in the email message you receive.

  • If you want to view the email message but not send it to your inbox, click the Review Message button in the email to open a web page and view the message safely.
  • If you want the quarantined email released to your inbox, click the Release button and the email will be delivered to your inbox within a few moments.
    • Please Note: If a message is marked as a Phish (noted under the "Quarantine reason" column, you will not be able to release the message to your inbox. You can read it in the web browser, or download it, but you will not be able to release it.
  • If the quarantined email is spam and you do NOT want it delivered, you don't need to do anything. The filter successfully blocked the spam and you can ignore the notification.
  • If you appear to receive a lot of these messages, you can also block the sender by clicking Block sender and you will no longer receive a notification about messages from this specific email address.

Manage quarantine message from Microsoft website

You can also go directly to the filter itself by going to  and logging in with your Bowdoin username and password, if asked.  

You will see a similar screen as presented below

Image of the Quarantine webpage within Microsoft Endpoint Protection for End Users

To see at detailed description of all of the options that are available for a quarantined message please refer to this link, Find and release quarantined messages as a user in Office 365
If you need further assistance, please contact the Bowdoin College Service Desk
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