Request a global allowance (allow-list) for an email address or email domain


There may be times when important business-related messages are being delivered to a customer's quarantine mailbox rather than their email box as expected. This behavior can be caused by a large variety of reasons. This can happen because the email address or IP address(es) of the company have been flagged elsewhere across the globe as being senders of spam messages or it could be that a link or URL in the message actually points to an address that doesn't look legitimate to the automated tools. 

If Bowdoin business-related messages are not being delivered to Bowdoin mailboxes but rather to Bowdoin quarantine folders, you can request to add the email address or email domain to our global allowance list.  To request that we make these changes, click on "Request Service" on the right.


Email can be alllowed on an individual level by entering the email address in your personal allowance list by following the instructions linked on the right under "Related Articles". If important, campus-wide messages are being caught in the filters, and there's a business reason to allow them, use the form and provide IT with the information we need to make the changes.

The request form also asks for the IP address(es) from where the email messages originate. These are preferred over email addresses as addresses can easily be spoofed and if we allow a spoofed address, more spam will go directly to each person on the spammer's list. If you do not have the IP address(es), they can usually be provided by the sender. If you are unable to obtain them at all, IT will be happy to assist.

Available To

This request is available to all current faculty or staff. If you are a student and would like to make a request, we do ask that you have an advisor, staff member, faculty member or dean make the request on your behalf.

Service Promise

While we will evaluate each request, it may not be possible to allow every address or email domain requested. The security of each faculty, staff and student is of most importance to us. Allowing addresses can be risky and we want to make sure we balance that risk with your safety and security and the needs of the college.

Once received, we will work to resolve the request within 3-5 business days, usually sooner.

Request Service

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