How to send and receive encrypted email messages

You may need to send email to someone in an encrypted format. This encryption ensures that only the person or persons that the message is intended for receive it. It also ensures that the information can't be read by anyone other than the intended recipient(s).

How to send an encrypted email message

How to read an encrypted email message

I received an error when trying to send an encrypted email message

How do I send an encrypted email?

To send an encrypted message, add the word [encrypt] to the subject line. Be sure to include the [ ]


How do I read an encrypted email?

1. When an encrypted email is sent, the recipient won’t receive the e-mail itself, instead they will receive a notification email saying they’ve been sent an encrypted email that looks similar to this:

To open the actual email message and any attachments, follow the instructions provided. Download and open the attachment. You must download the attachment. If you try to open it directly, links will be provided for mobile devices to download the app necessary to open the encrypted attachment but you will not be able to view the next set of instructions.

Once the attachment is opened, additional instructions will be provided.

2a. If the recipient is a Bowdoin community member or is from an institution that uses Office 365, click on Sign In to sign in to Office 365 and receive your message.

2b. If the recipient is not a member of the Bowdoin community, click on Use a one-time passcode. A single-use passcode will be emailed to the recipient's email address. This is the same address used on the original email message. This passcode is only good for 15-minutes. Enter the passcode in the box provided on the previous web page.


3. Once authenticated, the email message that was originally sent will be displayed.

The recipient will be able to reply, forward or print this message. If there is a reply to the message or the message is forwarded, all subsequent messages will also be encrypted.



I received an error when trying to send an encrypted email message

Bowdoin College has recently changed the service it uses to send encrypted email messages. Some staff members may use an add-in that has been installed in their version of Outlook. This button will no longer work. The error message that is received is a result of using that button. The error message will look like the following

If you were trying to send an encrypted message, return to the original message and add [encrypt] to the subject line and re-send it. If you'd like further clarification, please call the Service Desk at (207) 725-3030 or X. 3030.






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