Bowdoin College uses Office 365 for their email services.

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FindTime allows you to poll meeting attendees for potential meeting times, without the need to email each on separately to ask and then maintain that information. This is similar to the popular Calendly service.

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Export contacts from Outlook on the web

You can export your contacts from Outlook on the web and then import them into other email apps such as Gmail or other versions of Outlook.

Exporting Bowdoin Email from Outlook for Mac OS

Information on how to export Bowdoin email from Outlook on macOS

How to edit category colors for MS Outlook email and calendar

Change category colors to improve visual presentation with only a few clicks. Applies to Windows desktop, Mac desktop, and Office365 web versions of Outlook.

How to set up Apple Mail for use with a Bowdoin email account

Apple's Mail app, as well as Calendar and Contacts, can be configured to use a Bowdoin email account

Office 365 Online Email Acrhive

The Online Archive is a new feature that is designed to streamline your email mailbox by reducing clutter and moving older messages out of the way. Learn more about the Online Archive in this article.