What are room resource calendars?


Room resource calendars are special calendars that are not assigned to any specific person or group but is assigned to a room such as a conference room or some smaller classrooms. With room resources, you can easily schedule or book the room by simply inviting the room to the meeting. When you do this, the room will automatically accept or deny the invitation depending on availability and other settings.


When a room calendar is created it has the following default settings:

  • A room will auto-accept meetings it is invited to if the room is not already booked.
  • The information displayed on the calendar will include the Subject or Title of the meeting and the person who booked the meeting.
  • The room will appear in the Global Address List so anyone can book the room if they choose.
  • General information about the room will be available including
    • Address
    • Number of seats
    • Any technology in the room
  • The room calendar's display name will include the building and room number.
  • The room's email address will be a shortened form of the room name and the room number.


Some of the default settings can be adjusted as needed. The following is a list of items that are allowed to be modified.

Auto-Accept - A room calendar can be set to not auto-accept meeting invitations. If this is the case, a delegate must be assigned who's role and responsibility will be to accept and/or decline meetings when a room is requested for reservation.

Delegates - If the room is set to NOT auto-accept meetings, a minimum of one delegate must be assigned with a maximum limit of two delegates.

Information Displayed - Microsoft's default is to actually show only free/busy time for all room resources. We have made an adjustment to show meeting title and the name of the person booking the room. It is possible to revert back to free/busy time only but no additional information can be shown.

If you or your department is responsible for a specific room calendar, the designated room owner may request changes to any of the above by requesting a change.

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