Adding holiday calendars to your calendar view in Outlook or Outlook Online

You can add a variety of custom calendars to your calendar view, but these instructions will walk you through the quick steps needed to add all US holidays to your calendar (you can add holidays from a variety of countries and religious calendars as well). 

  • Log in to Outlook Online (
  • Open your calendar (click on the calendar icon in the lower left). 
  • In the calendar menu bar, click on Add calendar
  • Select "Holiday Calendar"
  • From the list, scroll down to see all of the available calendars. Locate "United States" and click Save.
  • All major US holidays will be added to your calendar and they will sync to Outlook on your desktop and mobile devices as well. 
  • To turn off the holidays, follow the above steps and uncheck the desired calendar. 


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Thu 4/25/19 3:06 PM
Thu 4/25/19 3:06 PM
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