Green-stripe phones


Green-stripe phones are analogue telephones located in multiple locations in each building that are designed to function in the case of a network outage or power failure. They can be identified by a reflective green stripe running down the full length of the hand-held receiver. As these telephones are important for safety and security reasons, if you see or know of a problem with any green-stripe phone, we ask that you report the issue using the link on the right.


Some of the most common issues with green-stripe phones include:

  • No dial tone
  • The phone is actually missing
  • There is damage to the phone

Available to

Because safety and security are always a number one priority, if anyone sees or knows of an issue they should report it. This includes all faculty, staff and students

Service Promise

There is no cost to any department for notifying us of an issue. We will make all attempts to repair any issue reported within 2 business days.

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