Request assistance with
- Room IP Phones
- Request conference phones
- Request long distance codes
- Alert on broken emergency (green-stripe) phones
- Alert on broken emergency blue-light phones

Services (7)

Emergency Phones

Emergency phones, or blue-light phones, are scattered across campus and are available for use by anyone walking by needing assistance.

Green-stripe phones

Green-stripe phones are analogue telephones located in multiple locations in each building that are designed to function in the case of a network outage or power failure. Green stripe phones are not the same as emergency, blue-light phones.

Office Telephones or IP Phones

The following is just an example of what you can request assistance with:

Request a new IP Phone to be installed in a room
Request that an extension be added to a phone
Request an extension to be removed from a phone

Request Softphone (Cisco Jabber)

Faculty and staff can request the creation of a softphone, or virtual phone, that will work similarly to their office phone, through software on a computer or smartphone.