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Login access to Box is automatic for student employees and professional staff, but they will not be able to see any folders until they are invited to collaborate on a folder.   Department employee who need to be able to share folders and invite collaborators in Box need to request co-owner access to their department's Box folder.  Professional staff members can click Request Permission on the right to request this access.  This form can also be used to remove department employees from the department's Box co-owner group.


There are two options for this request. You can ask that permission be granted to a professional staff member or you can request access be removed for a professional staff member.

Available to

The request is available to any faculty or staff member whose department uses Box to work with student employees. 

Service Promise

Once access to data has been authorized by a supervisor, senior officer, faculty member or dean, we will complete the request within one (1) business day.

Request Permission

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Box can be accessed by logging into and clicking on the Box icon.


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