Classroom or Computer Lab Request


Make a request that affects classrooms, computer labs, or iPad use by students in a specific course.

Requests can include:

  • Software installation or removal of software the college already owns
  • Changes to the computers in a space
  • Installation of an iPadOS app for students in a specific course
  • AV requests for a classroom or computer lab.


  • All software and app requests require a minimum of a two-weeks notice before the expected first-use and must be owned by the college. For requests that must be purchased, see our service request for new software purchases.
  • Requests for computer or AV additions or changes may not be fulfilled based on technology availability or budget constraints, but will be logged for future changes, if possible.

Available For

Any faculty or staff member may request for a classroom or computer lab.

Support Promise

IT will work to respond to requests within two business days. The request will be resolved as quickly as possible based on hardware/software availability and funding.

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