General Request


This general support request provides a way for faculty, staff and students to submit a support request for technology-related issues 24 hours a day. This form should be used for general questions or requests only. If you would like to put in a request for a specific service, please search our Service Catalog for an appropriate service first by using the search box in the upper-right corner.


By using this form/service, you receive the following benefits:

  • There is no need to call the Service Desk (I know, you like to call and hear our pleasant voices, but you don't have to now)
  • Your requests are monitored during regular business hours and routed to the correct group as needed.
  • You can include all the important details, or write us a funny story, we won't mind!

To make a general request, click the "I need assistance" button on the right.

You can also browse the rest of our service catalog if you have a request for a specific IT service such as Blackboard or Classrooms and Labs.

Available To

All faculty, staff and students can make general service requests.

Other Methods of Contact

Software Support

If you just need basic software support (help with Microsoft Word, combating the even Excel formulas) you can call X. 3030 or X. 5050 and press '5' to be directed to Vitalyst, our software support and Emergency Support center. 

After-Hours Technical Emergency

If the campus is experiencing a major technical issue after-hours, call X. 3030 and press '5' to have Vitalyst support locate the appropriate Bowdoin IT staff to resolve the issue.

General Questions

If you have a general question and are not in a super hurry, try asking it in our Questions forum. Questions can be answered by anyone in IT and many are answered in the evenings and on weekends (I know, we need to get a life sometime, but at least you'll benefit from how boring we are!).

Service Promise

Because of the natural of general requests, we can not give you an exact time-frame on when your request will be completed but we'll tell you this, it will get done.

If you need immediate assistance or are experiencing an technical emergency of some sort, don't hesitate to call the Service Desk at X. 3030 or the Student Service Desk at X. 5050.