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Creating your Apple ID before you receive your iPad can help you speed through setup. If you weren't able to do that, you can do it on your iPad as well. For security reasons, make sure you don't share your Apple ID with anyone else. If you have an Apple ID that other people also use, please create a new one.

  1. If you are unsure if you have an Apple ID, need to reset your password or if you need to talk to someone at Apple about your Apple ID, visit the Apple ID support site..
  2. If you need to create a new Apple ID, see the recommended steps below.

How to Create an Apple ID

Here are the recommended steps to create an Apple ID and sign in with it on your iPad (this changes without notice, so the directions here and videos might be slightly different than what you see)

Sign up for an Apple ID

  1. Click this link to go to the Apple website.
  2. Using an email address, whether it be a personal email address or your Bowdoin email address, create an AppleID by following the prompts. 
    1. You will also need to create a new password using Apple's password standards. Don't share this password with anyone
    2. Make sure you use a phone number and email address that you have access to since you will need to confirm both accounts with temporary codes for each. 
  3. After you create your new account, go down to "Payment & Shipping" and click "Add Payment Method..."
  4. For Payment Method, you can select None, or add a method of payment if you will want to buy things from the App Store. 
    1. Even if you select None, you will need to add an address and phone number. 
      1. Be sure the physical address associated with your account is in the United States. If you do not have a current United States address you can use the address for the Smith Union Mail Center: 6000 College Station Brunswick, ME 04011.
      2. You can select "Copy billing address" to automatically add a shipping address. 
  5. When done, scroll up and hit the blue Save button. 
  6. If you are on your iPad, press the physical home button to return home.

Sign into iCloud on your iPad

  1. Go to the "Settings" App. On the top left menu, select "Sign in to your iPad". Add your Apple ID email address and the corresponding password.
  2. You will need to verify your account by entering the temporary code that is sent to the phone number you signed your account up with.
  3. After viewing the terms of conditions, you will need to select "Agree", twice.
  4. You will then be asked to enter the iPad passcode that you created when you first got to the iPad home screen.
  5. Press the physical home button to return home.

Download an App from the App Store.

  1. Open the App Store app.
  2. After answering a few prompts that appear only the first time that you use the App Store, select the "Search" button on the bottom right of the screen.
  3. Search for any app that you want on your iPad that wasn't automatically loaded onto your iPad for you. Select "Get".
  4. Tap the "Install" button. Since you are already signed into iCloud, you will only need to put in your Apple ID password.
    1. If it is your first time using the App Store with a newly created Apple ID, you will need to press "Review" to allow your account to be used in App Store. You also might have to do this with old accounts for various reasons.
    2. Make sure your region is set to "United States". After you are comfortable with the Apple Media Terms & Conditions, toggle the switch and then press "Next" on the top right of the window.
  5. Review your billing info. If you already added it, you can press "Next" on the top right part of the window again. Hit continue.
  6. Now your Apple ID is ready to use the App Store. Let's test to make sure it works. Select "Get" again for the App you want to download to your iPad.
  7. Tap install and add your Apple ID password. Tap "Sign in".
  8. The first time after you use the App Store, you are asked if you want to have put in your Apple ID password every time or if you put it in once, you can download free apps for 15 minutes without putting it in again. You can choose which option works for you.
  9. Press the physical home button to return home.
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