iPad Setup Troubleshooting


  • You receive an error during setup while on the "Remote Management" screen.
  • You receive an error message "BYCloudConfigRetreiveProfileFromWebErrorDomain error -1" 
  • You have erased your iPad and at the "Activation Lock" screen you are being asked to enter an Apple ID that doesn't belong to you.


Initial iPad setup for Students and Faculty


Error on Remote Management Screen or BYCloudConfigRetreiveProfileFromWebErrorDomain error

This error occurs when the management server, Jamf, is busy or under heavy load. The best recourse is to wait about an hour or so and reboot the iPad. Once the server is no longer busy, you should be able to get past this screen.

Activation Lock

This is a security measure put in place to ensure that the iPads can not be used by anyone other than Bowdoin faculty or staff. The Service Desk can bypass this lock for you. Contact the Service Desk and a staff member will bypass the lock and let you know when you can continue.

If you need further assistance you can enter a ticket online.


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