How to turn off "Find My" and sign out of iCloud in macOS

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  • How do I sign out of "Find My" in macOS?
  • I've been told to sign out of iCloud on my Mac, how do I do that?


macOS allows its users to be able to sign in to iCloud to facilitate information sharing between devices. While the college does not allow the use if iCloud Drive for Bowdoin data, other services such as iCloud Keychain can be useful. When signed in to iCloud, the Find My feature is also enabled. This allows the user to track their device(s) if they become lost. This feature also will lock the device to that specific user so no one else can activate it. This becomes an issue on Bowdoin-owned devices as they are often reused by others. Before returning a device to Information Technology, "Find My" must be disabled on the device and the user must sign out if iCloud.


Turn off "Find My" and sign out of iCloud

  • Click on the Apple Menu and open System Preferences
  • Click on the Apple ID icon in the top row of the window.
  • Select "iCloud" from the list on the right.
  • Locate "Find My" from the list of "Apps on this Mac using iCloud" and uncheck the box next to it.
  • You may be asked to provide your Apple ID password and your computer password. Enter them as requested.
  • Once "Find My" is turned off, choose Overview from the left column.
  • Click on Sign out... and follow the prompts to sign out of iCloud.

If you need further assistance, please contact the Bowdoin College Service Desk


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Tue 5/11/21 9:42 AM