How to Access an Azure Virtual Lab Desktop

The Azure Virtual Computer Lab environment is accessible from any macOS or Windows device as well as iPads. All will use the Microsoft Remote Desktop app to connect. Follow the instructions below on how to access the vitual lab environment in Bowdoin classrooms. For information on how to access this and other virtual environments from Windows or an iPad, see the Related Articles section.

First Time Setup Instructions

  • Please see the Article How to Access an Azure (Microsoft) Virtual Desktop on the right under Related Articles. 

Additional Details

  • You can access the virtual lab environment from any computer, anywhere on the Internet. If you would like to setup your profile with bookmarks and other resources in advance of the semester, you are welcome to do so.
  • You will need to step through parts of the the above process once in each classroom you use as well as your own personal computer.
    • After the initial connection, you will only have to open the Remote Desktop app, choose the "Workspaces" tab and double-click on the lab computer to be able to sign in.
  • Any setting you configure (bookmarks, data, etc.) that you setup will be persistent between sessions.
  • There is a timeout of 4 active hours of being logged in to a virtual lab machine. If you are not actively using the environment for 4 hours, you and students will be logged out.
  • For a list of software installed in the virtual lab, see the article under the Related Articles section on this page.



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