PaperCut Printing Quick Reference Guide

As new printers are installed and old printers are updated, they are all being added to Bowdoin's new print management platform called PaperCut.

PaperCut provides a number of advantages for both printing and scanning that are covered in other documents (see the "Related Articles" section if you're curious). This article will show step-by-step how to perform the most basic printing functions with PaperCut.


Before you can print to a PaperCut printer, you need to have some software installed. In most cases, this software is pre-installed on Bowdoin computers. If not, you can install it through the Self Service app in macOS or the Software Center app in Windows.

  • PaperCut Client (also shows up on computers as PCClient or PaperCut MF)
  • PaperCut Print Deploy (Optional)

PaperCut Client

The PaperCut Client is required and must be running at all times as it ties the documents you print to your Bowdoin account. You can tell if the PaperCut Client is installed and running by looking for the icon either in the menu bar in macOS or the Task Tray in Windows. The icon looks like the one below but is usually all white or all black.

PaperCut Icon

PaperCut Print Deploy

PaperCut Print Deploy is optional but is the easiest way to install PaperCut Printers. It will show you a list of printers available to you and allow you to install them from one location without needing to perform a variety of steps to install a printer. If you have the printer called "Find-Me-Print" on your computer, you should have PaperCut Print Deploy installed.

How to Print

The printing steps are the same for both macOS and Windows.

  1. When you're ready to print a document, in most cases you will click File - Print
  2. When the print window opens, select your printer.
    1. In most cases, unless you need to print with advanced settings such as stapling, collating, envelopes, etc., you can select Find-Me-Print as your printer.
    2. If you do need to use advanced settings, see the article titled "PaperCut Advanced Printing Quick Reference Guide".
  3. Choose your options such as duplex printing, color or monochrome, the number of pages to be printed, etc.
  4. Print as you traditionally would.
  5. Once you print your document, a dialog window should open

    PaperCut Client Authentication Dialog Windows
  6. Enter your Bowdoin username and password. If you plan on printing often, select the drop-down next to "Remember" and choose a longer time so you are not asked to sign in as often. Click OK
    1. If you do NOT see the above dialog box, and you did NOT ask it to remember you recently, be sure the PaperCut Client is running by looking in the menu bar or Task Tray. If it is not, double-click the application to start it (Applications Folder in MacOS or Start Menu in Windows). If it doesn't work, contact the Service Desk.
  7. (Optional) In some instances an additional window will open asking you to select a project to assign the print job to. Select the project code or accept the default which is to assign it to you.
  8. Once delivered to the print server, you will receive a notification from PaperCut that the print job is queued and ready to be printed.
    1. In macOS you will see the window below. Click OK to close the window.

      PaperCut print job queued dialog box.
    2. In Windows, the notification will appear in the lower-right corner, above the Task Tray. There is nothing for you to click and the window will go away on its own.
  9. Your document is now held. It will be held for 48 hours, allowing you an opportunity to queue up other print jobs, if you'd like. When you're ready, you can now proceed to release your document(s) to be printed.

How to Release your Document(s)

Once sent to a queue, you need to release your document(s) to a printer in order for them to be printed.  This step provides security of your documents as well as helps to keep waste down because you may not print documents that you realized you didn't need or different versions of the same document, etc.

There are 3 ways that you can release your own print jobs. Details on each method can be found in a different article. These steps will walk you through print release with your OneCard ID at a printer.

  1. With your OneCard ID in hand, go to the printer you want to print your document(s) to.
  2. Tap your OneCard ID on the card reader at the printer. The reader will be near the touch panel or mounted no the side, closest to the touch panel.
  3. This will sign you in to the PaperCut software on the printer.
  4. Tap Print Release on the printer's touch screen

    Printer touch screen interface for PaperCut
  5. Choose the document(s) you'd like to print from the list and tap Print.

    PaperCut Held Print Jobs window on a printer's touch screen.
  6. You will see a brief message on the screen if your print job(s) were successfully released.
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