Ricoh Printer Changes Email Message

This message was sent to select people across campus a day or so before Ricoh printers are swapped.

Ricoh will be on campus to replace [printer count] existing [color/monochrome] printers with newer models. As we have previously communicated, when the printers are replaced a number of changes will occur. 

At least one of the printers you print to is affected. Please forward this email to anyone you know who may print to a printer being replaced.

  • The printer(s) will receive new names, based on their building and room number.
  • The new printers will be added to PaperCut.
  • Any printer that is being replaced can be removed from your computer as they will no longer work.

What does this mean?

Printer Name Changes

Over the past 20 years or more, printers had been given random names, mostly using plant species. While this made some printers memorable, it made identifying printers to new people and the ability to quickly provide support very difficult. The new names will be based on their location within a building. This means that in most cases, printers will be named “Building-Room/Floor”. Names might be abbreviated to keep them within allowable lengths, but this will help to more quickly identify printers for everyone.

We have created a knowledge base article that will be updated as printers are replaced and/or renamed that can be used as a guide for printer names and locations.



Each printer will be added to PaperCut, the college’s new campus-wide print management system. PaperCut will help cut down on paper waste while also providing more advanced scanning features than in the past.


  • Faculty and staff will be able to print to one of a small number of “printers” to manage most of your daily printing needs. By printing to “Find-Me-Print”from a computer, you will be able to release your documents to almost any printer on campus. 
  • You will also now be able to print from a mobile device by installing the printer on your device and printing to the “Mobile-Print” printer. You will then also release your documents as you would if printing from a computer.
  • For those who need advanced printing options such as collating, stapling, etc., additional printers can be installed on your computer using PaperCut Print Deploy. By installing your office printer and not using “Find-Me-Print”, you will have access to the advanced printing functions you may be used to.
  • All documents printed using any of the methods above will require you to release your documents before they will be printed, ensuring security of your documents and reducing paper waste.


Scanning options have now improved through PaperCut as well. All scanned PDFs will now be scanned with OCR, or Optical Character Recognition. This allows PDFs to be more searchable and be readable by a variety of assistive technologies.

  • All faculty, staff, and students scanning from an upgraded Ricoh printer will now have the ability to scan to their email address.
  • In addition to email, you can also scan your document(s) to OneDrive.
  • PaperCut can also be configured to scan to a Teams or SharePoint folder. Since this requires some setup, you can request this from the IT Client Portal.
  • PaperCut does NOT easily scan to departmental network folders. It is still possible to setup, however. If you don’t think the above options will work to replace Microwave scanning, let us know and we will work to restore departmental scanning to Microwave for you.

Faxing and Copying

Faxing and copying work similarly as they have in the past except that you will now sign in to the PaperCut software on the printer first. You will tap your OneCard or sign in to the PaperCut software at the printer, choose “Device Functions” and then tap the appropriate button on the device's touch screen.  You will then be able to fax or copy like you always have.

If you have any questions about PaperCut or printing, please contact the IT Service Desk at (207) 725-3030. If you have a question about the printer swap, please contact Joe Anderson, Manager of Campus Services and Logistics.

Thank you.



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