How to scan to OneDrive from a PaperCut device

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  • Can I scan a document to my OneDrive account?
  • How can I scan to OneDrive?


PaperCut provides an option to scan documents from a multi-function device (MFD) to a variety of locations including email and OneDrive. This feature is available only on newer MFDs that support it.


Follow these steps in order to scan to OneDrive.

  • Go to an MFD and follow the on-screen instructions to sign in. You will either tap your Bowdoin OneCard ID or you can enter your Bowdoin ID number of your Bowdoin username and password to sign in.

    An image of the PaperCut MFD login screen showing the Username and Password or ID number options as well as instructions to tap your OneCard ID.
  • Once signed in, tap Scan from the printer's touch screen.

    Image of the printer options showing Print release, Device functions, and Scan
  • From the list of scan destinations, tap on OneDrive

    An image of the scan destinations available on an MFD. This shot shows Scan to My Email, OneDrive, and Microwave - IT.
  • Change the file name of the document you are going to scan, if desired, by tapping the Filename button. You can also edit the settings of the scan including 2-sided scanning, DPI, and more, if you would like, by tapping the Settings button. When ready, tap Scan.

    Note: The default settings for scanning to OneDrive are to scan in Black and White at 300 DPI. These options can be changed by tapping on the Settings button.

    Image of the scanning interface showing the Filename button, the file name field, the Settings button and a Scan button.
  • Once the document has been scanned, you will be asked if you would like to scan more items or send the document. When ready, tap Send.

    Image of the confirmation window asking if you would like to cancel, scan more items, or send the document.
  • Once you tap Send, the document is sent off for processing and converting to an OCR PDF (if the document type was kept as the default PDF format). You will receive multiple notifications in your email about the status of the document.
  • If this is the first time you've scanned to OneDrive, you will have to sign in and approve access for PaperCut. In the email you receive, similar to the one below, click or tap on Login to OneDrive for Business.

    Image of the email that is sent to you the first time you scan to OneDrive.
  • When you click the button, you will be asked to sign in to Microsoft 365. Sign in with your Bowdoin username and password. Once done, you will be asked to approve access. Click or tap on Accept.

    Image of the permission confirmation screen showing PaperCut asking permission to have access to OneDrive.
  • Once accepted, you will receive an email letting you know that you have successfully set up OneDrive for Business.

    An image showing the successful setup of OneDrive for PaperCut.
  • Your your scanned document(s) will be delivered to the following folder path in your OneDrive account: Apps/Scans for PaperCut MF/. You will also receive an email with a conformation, information about where you can find the document, and a direct link to the document for your convenience.

    Confirmation email showing the file name and location in OneDrive as well as a button to go directly to the scanned document(s).


If you need further assistance, please contact the Bowdoin College Service Desk

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