General information about scanning with PaperCut

With the introduction of PaperCut to Bowdoin, there are several new and/or improved options available to clients scanning from a multi-function device (MFD). There are also many pre-sets that are configured to accommodate the majority of clients, some of which can be changed at the time of scanning.

Scan Destinations

You can scan to multiple destinations with PaperCut and each person could have different scan options, depending on the department.

Scan to OneDrive

Everyone has the ability to scan to OneDrive. Documents of up to 1 GB can be scanned and copied into an individual's OneDrive account.

Scan to Email

Everyone can also scan to their email account. Documents of up to 25 MB can be scanned and sent via email. Be aware that since all documents are scanned for optical character recognition (OCR), the maximum amount of pages will vary, but could be 10-12 pages, depending on the options used.

Scan to Teams/Sharepoint Folder

Clients can request that IT set up the option to scan to a Teams or Sharepoint folder. Documents of up to 750 MB can be scanned to a Teams or Sharepoint folder and permissions can be set up and restricted to specific people.

Scan Settings

Some scan settings are set at a global level, which means that they affect everyone using PaperCut and can not be changed without affecting everyone, while others may be set as defaults but can be changed at the time of scanning.

Global Settings

Split on blank pages

Scans, regardless of destination, are configured to split individual documents into separate documents if the scanner detects blank pages. Blank pages are identified by 99.99995% of a page being blank.

Output types

There are three output types available for scanning; PDF (default), JPEG, and TIFF. The type can be selected at the time of scanning, but no other file types are available.

Scan to OCR

As part of the College's commitment to accessibility, all documents are processed through OCR or optical character recognition, in order to convert a PDF to a search able, and readable document for screen readers and other technologies. PaperCut can scan to OCR for four languages; English, French, Spanish, and German.

Default Settings

Default settings are set for a number of functions, but can be changed at the time of scanning.


The name of the scanned document can be altered before a scan starts.


The orientation of a scan document can be changed between Portrait and Landscape, with Portrait being the default.

Duplex Mode

The default duplex mode for scanning is 1-sided.

Paper Size

The default paper size is set to Auto (Same size) which means that the scanner will attempt to detect the closest page size to the document being scanned. If it can not detect a size, letter will be selected.

File Type

PDF will be the default file type, however JPG and TIFF are also available.


DPI or "dots per inch" signify the resolution of the scan. The default is set to 300, however this is configurable between 100 DPI to 600 DPI in increments of 100. Be aware that the higher the DPI, the larger the file.

Color Mode

In order to increase the accessibility of scanned documents, the default scan setting is black and white, however this can be changed to color or grayscale as well.


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