Working with IT ticket requests

Accessing Your Ticket Requests

To see all of the ticket requests that you have entered, go to (which will forward you to In the upper-right, next to the search box, click sign-in.

You will be taken to Bowdoin's single-signon page. Enter your Bowdoin username and password and sign in.

NOTE: If you happen to have been signed in to any other Bowdoin service such as Workday, you may already be signed in.

You will now see a menu of options available to you. From the menu, click on Services

You will be brought to the main Service Catalog page with a number of categories for you to explore. You will also see an additional menu. From the menu click on Ticket Requests


Viewing Your Tickets

The page that comes up will list all of the open tickets that you have created or are listed as the requestor. 

If you would like to view all tickets you've entered, click on the drop-down next to Status Class a check the "Select All" check box.

To view more details on any of the tickets, click on the ticket title to bring up more details


View All Department Tickets

To view all open tickets or all tickets that have been created by anyone in your department, check the box towards the top of the Ticket Requests page called "Include requests from my accounts / departments"





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