StatusHub Alert Messages


StatusHub can send a variety of messages depending on how you subscribe to be notified. If you need more information on subscribing to StatusHub alerts, see the "Related Articles" section in the lower-right.

The information below shows you what the status messages, both email and SMS, will look like when they are sent to you.

Notification of an outage by email

The following is a screen shot of an email message stating that printing is not working correctly.


You will notice the following details:

  • The email will be sent from
  • The Bowdoin logo will be at the top
  • Incident details including an incident title and a general description will be listed
  • The services that are affected will be listed (in this case there was just one)
  • The status of the service will be shown in color. In this case, because printing was disrupted, "Service Disruption" is highlighted in red.
  • Additional links are provided to view the status on the web, unsubscribe from StatusHub alerts or edit your subscriptions.

Notification of an outage by SMS

The following is a screen shot of an SMS message sent for an outage and an update to an iPhone.


You will notice the following details:

  • In the green box you will see the phone number where the messages originate. This should be the same for all StatusHub alerts.
  • There will be a link to an actual mobile-friendly StatusHub page. In iOS this will arrive first as a separate notification.
  • In the red box you will see the first and second messages received by iOS in the event of a notification.
  • The second notification arrives with a brief detail of the service interruption. You can always click on the web link to be taken to the status page for this particular alert.
    • In the red box you will see the original message. It will say Bowdoin College Alert and then list:
    • The service outage title
    • The status of the alert
    • The date and time the alert was posted
  • The blue box shows similar information but is updated with a new date and time along with the service status, in this case "resolved".

If you were to click the link in the SMS message, you will be taken to a mobile-friendly version of the status page. The image below shows the same service interruption and resolution as above.



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Mon 10/18/21 3:31 PM

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