StatusHub Information

What is StatusHub?

StatusHub is an online service that allows Information Technology to proactively post important information about IT systems. The notifications can include

  • System or service outages
  • Degraded performance
  • Upcoming maintenance
  • Important security information such as patch update releases or new Phishing email threats.

Viewing the Service Status

You can view the service status for all services by going to

You may also visit the home page of the IT Client Portal at to view a brief description of any notifications. In the right-hand column there is a textual view of any current outages or service issues under the System Availability section.

Screenshot of the landing page for Bowdoin's StatusHub System Status Service.

If there is an issue with any service, information will be posted under the "Notifications" section and any upcoming maintenance will be posted under the "Maintenance" section.

You can also view a list of all services that could be reported on and any historical issues by scrolling through the list at the bottom of the page. If interested, you can filter on the services to show only those you care to view.

A view of one category of services from the StatusHub website showing how to toggle viewing all services or only those currently affected by an issue.

If there was an issue, either current or historical, you would also see a triangle icon that you could click to discover more about the issue without having to leave the page. It would look something like the following.


For information on subscribing to proactive notifications, either by SMS or email, please see the "Related Articles" section on this page for links to the appropriate article.


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