Introduction to StatusHub

What is StatusHub?

StatusHub is an online utility that allows you to see the current status of a large number of IT-related services. You are able to view the current operational status, any planned, upcoming maintenance and you can even subscribe to some or all of the services to receive email messages if a service you're interested in becomes unavailable. 


Viewing the Service Status

You can view the service status for all services by going to

You may also visit and in the right-hand column there is a textual view of any current outages or service issues under the System Availability section.

There are also ways where you can receive alerts by email or even by SMS message (for select services). Please see the "Related Articles" section on the right for more information.

If there is an issue with any service, the colored dot would change from green to something else. The key above the list of services explains the differences.


If there was an issue, either current or historical, you would also see a triangle icon that you could click to discover more about the issue without having to leave the page. It would look something like the following.


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Tue 1/23/18 12:32 PM
Tue 2/16/21 2:42 PM