Subscribe to StatusHub Alerts


StatusHub allows you to subscribe to a single service, a group of service or all services listed and offered by IT. You can subscribe to receive email notifications when a service goes down and when it comes back up. For some services, you can also choose to receive SMS messages so you can be alerted by text message.

How to subscribe to alerts for all services

Follow these simple instructions to subscribe to StatusHub alerts.

  • Go to
  • In the upper-right corner, click on Subscribe

  • On the page that appears, enter your email address. This does NOT need to be a Bowdoin email address, it can be any email address where you wish to be notified.

  • Click Email and enter the address you wish to receive alerts.  Check the I accept terms & service then the Next button.

How to subscribe for alerts for a subset of services

You do not have to subscribe to all services (but why wouldn't you?!). If you'd like to subscribe to only a subset of services, follow these steps.

  • Go to and click Subscribe like you do in the steps above.
  • In the "Notify About" section, select Selected Services.
  • Check the Aggregate by groups to narrow down the list for easy selection.
  • The page will expand and drop down a list of choices. Check the boxes for any service or collection of services you want to be subscribed to.
  • You can also choose to have the first alert and the final alert sent by checking the Only send minimum number check box.

  • Click Subscribe

How to subscribe to SMS StatusHub alerts

In some cases, you can subscribe to SMS alerts as well as email alerts. You do have to manage each alert type separately, in two different transactions. These steps will walk you through subscribing to SMS alerts.

Note: Not all services have SMS notifications enabled. You may not receive an SMS message for some service outages.
  •  Go to and click Subscribe like you do in the steps above.
  • Click on the Phone button
  • Enter your phone number, starting with + country code. You do not need to leave spaces, but doublecheck to make sure the right number was typed in the field.  You can also choose to be sent alerts for all services (that have SMS enabled) or a subset of services just as with email messages described above.

    SMS alerts
  • Click Next when done.

Intermediate Updates

In all options shown above, there is an option called "Only send me the minimum number of notifications per incident". If you choose to turn this feature on, you will only receive alerts if a service goes down or comes back online. All messages that occur in between will not be sent to your subscription selection.

Unsubscribe from StatusHub alerts

You can unsubscribe from StatusHub alerts by clicking on the link supplied in any StatusHub email message that is sent to you. You can not unsubscribe from the website directly. This is a security feature to ensure that someone can not unsubscribe you without your consent. The same feature exists for SMS messages. You must respond to either the text alerts or through a link in the message that is sent. For more information, click the Do you want to cancel your subscription? link from any of the pages shown above.


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