Introducing Microsoft Teams

What is Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration app that helps you and your teams collaborate, chat, share files, hold meetings and much more. It allows you to create Teams by inviting anyone from Bowdoin as well as others outside of Bowdoin to be able to work together. It provides one place to store files you may be working on together, notebooks to keep track of meetings and a large number of others apps you may want to use within your team.



Who can use Microsoft Teams?

All faculty, staff and students can use Microsoft Teams to work together and collaborate. You can even invite others outside of the College join a team so you can expand your collaboration!


Quick list of features

Microsoft Teams has presented itself as a solid competitor to many of the more familiar collaboration tools in the market today. Here's a list of just some of the features of Microsoft Teams.

  • Meetings
    • A Teams meeting can support 250 logged in invitees.
    • Even larger meetings are available by using Teams Live Events
    • Dial-in meetings are available
  • Chat
    • 1-on-1 chat, group chat and in-meeting chat are available
    • You can concurrently chat 1-on1 with someone while being in a meeting or class
  • Calendar integration
    • Teams meetings are synced to your Outlook calendar so you can view all of your appointments and meetings
    • You can start meetings from your Outlook calendar
    • You can create Teams meetings from inside of the Microsoft Teams interface without needing to go to your Outlook calendar
  • App integration
    • Teams integrates with all of the Office 365 suite of tools including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Forms and more
    • Other app integrations can be installed and used as well
  • Accessibility
    • Live Caption is available on-demand per person in the event that a video session has poor video quality
    • Closed Captioning is available when a Teams meeting is recorded.


Additional Information

You can view training videos, tutorials and read quick step-by-step articles created by Microsoft on their Teams training pages. We've consolidated the information and made it available to you. Click the link on the right under "Related Articles" for Teams Video Tutorials.

View the Microsoft Teams Quick Start Guide attached to this document. Click on the link under the "Files" section on the right.


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