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Zoom can be used by faculty and staff in a variety of different ways and locations. One use of Zoom is in a classroom setting to allow external guests an opportunity to present or have a discussion with a class or small group. Zoom can also be used to hold small group interviews or discussions in a conference room or other meeting space. Some of these setups and configurations could be confusing. You can make a request to Information Technology's Client Services team to assist with an introductory lesson on how to setup and use Zoom in the space you plan on using.

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Any faculty or staff member may request a Zoom consult for a classroom or lab. 

Ideal Zoom Classroom Locations

While Information Technology does supply simple webcams in most classrooms, not every classroom is ideally equipped to hold a Zoom or other web tool meeting. We highly encourage that you request a consult well in advance of a potential meeting so there's time to make adjustments if necessary.

Some locations that are well suited for a Zoom meeting based on higher-quality camera and integrated microphones include:

  • Hawthorne-Longfellow Basement, Telepresence Room
  • Hawthorne-Longfellow Basement, Screening Room
  • Roux Center, Room 207 North, South or combined
  • Roux Center, Room 212 Conference Room
  • Roux Center, Room 232 Conference Room
Request Classroom Zoom Consult

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