What is Zoom

What is Zoom?

Zoom is an online video conference, meeting, and webinar platform that allows a meeting creator to host a video and/or a computer audio call with anyone, anywhere on any platform A customer can create a meeting and invite up to 100 participants from around the world to join. As a Zoom Meeting attendee, you can join a meeting from your computer or mobile device using an appropriate Zoom app.

Who can use Zoom?

Any Bowdoin faculty or staff member can use Zoom to create and attend meetings as well as record the meeting's content for download and future reference*. Students can be attendees of a Zoom meeting, or can use a free Zoom account to host their own meetings of up to 3 total people (including themselves) for up to 40 minutes.

To log in and get started, go to https://bowdoin.zoom.us, click "Sign In" in the upper-right hand corner of the page and log in with your Bowdoin username and password.

Licensing Information

Bowdoin does not own a site-wide license for Zoom nor do we license all of the features. For more information on what Bowdoin is licensed for, view the "Zoom Licensing Details" document linked on the right under "Related Articles".

Zoom support from Information Technology

Zoom is managed and maintained by Information Technology and supported by the Client Services teams including the Service Desk and AV and Multimedia Services. While support is provided for connections and light tutorials on how to setup meetings, etc. you should not expect IT to be in attendance for every and all Zoom meetings you schedule.

We have tested the service extensively and are confident that any faculty or staff member will be able to schedule, manage and initiate a Zoom meeting on their own. If you would like a tutorial on Zoom, we'd love to provide one! You can request a tutorial or consult either for Zoom itself or, more specifically, for Zoom use in a classroom, lab or meeting space

How can I get more information?

You can get more information such as how to log in, how Bowdoin is licensed, how to create a meeting and much more by looking under the "Related Links" section on the right.



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