Zoom Licenses


Zoom is an online meeting platform that can allow faculty, students and staff to schedule and attend meetings in a virtual space..


Bowdoin owns a site license which allows all students, faculty and administrative staff access to all "Pro" Zoom features.

Recording Features

When using Zoom you have the opportunity to record the Zoom meeting. We recommend that you record the meeting to your computer and not to the Zoom cloud so that you have access to manipulate the videos at a later time.

Calling Features

When setting up a Zoom meeting, you may have the option to choose computer audio only or dial-in audio. It is highly recommended that you choose Computer Audio Only. Bowdoin has not subscribed to a Zoom dial-in plan. If you choose dial-in and any of the attendees use this feature, you or your department may receive a request for a project code to charge the call costs directly to your department. 


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Create a request if you would like to use Zoom in a classroom or computer lab and would like someone to go over the process and any setup that is required.