How to approve or reject a request in the Support Portal

The IT Support Portal, powered by TeamDynamix, is how to the IT knowledge base and the Service Catalog. It is also the place where you would go in order to approve or reject a request, if asked to do so.

Some services require a supervisor, dean or other individual to take action on a request, most often through an approval or a rejection. The following steps will guide you through the 3-part process.

Approving or Rejecting a Request

  1. When a task is assigned to you that requires your approval you will receive an email notification. Click the button in the email titled "Approve / Reject Step"

  2. A web page will open and you will be taken to the approval page for the request. You will click on either the Approve button or the Reject Service Request button. (You can ignore the Resend Notification button).

    Approve or Reject Request
  3. After you make a selection, you are taken to one more screen where you have the opportunity to provide a comment, either for the approval or rejection. This is an optional step. To continue, click Save.

    Leave a comment and save the step

Alternative ways to access the option to approve or reject a request

You can access your approval options in two ways.

The first is through email (as described above). 

The other way to access all of your approvals at once is to

From here you will see a list of all of your approvals and their current status. An example is shown below.

Approvals selection in the Client Portal

By clicking on a link in the "Title" column, you will be able to view the details of the ticket itself. If you click on a link in the "Step" column, you will be brought directly to the approval page for that request.

You can also access the approval page from the ticket details page (if you clicked on the link in the "Item" column). In the middle of the page, there is a heading titled "Current Workflow Steps". Underneath that heading will list all of the steps that are currently in process for the request itself. Click on the link that will refer to approving or rejecting the request. In this example, the line reads "Supervisor approves or rejects the request". You will be taken to the Approval page, as described earlier in this article.

Workflow Step Assignment


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