Sharing your iPad screen in Teams from your computer


Sharing your iPad screen is an effective way to present information to your students. Any app that you have installed on your iPad can be displayed in a Teams meeting that you have running on your computer. These screen sharing sessions can also be recorded to be viewed asynchronously.


  • Socratic discussions
  • Presentations
  • Synchronous learning
  • Asynchronous learning

How to set up a Teams meeting to share your iPad screen from a computer.

Your Teams meeting needs to be running on both your computer and your iPad. You will be logged in to both with your Bowdoin account.
Note: If you do not have Microsoft Teams on Your iPad it can be downloaded for free from Apple's App Store.

 Video: Sharing your iPad screen in Teams from a computer.

1. Start a Teams meeting on your computer from the Teams application.

2. Start a Teams meeting on your iPad from the Teams app.

3. On your iPad select the Share option by tapping the ... button in the meeting controls.

4. On your iPad select the Share Screen option.

5. When the Screen Broadcast window appears tap the Start Broadcast button. You will see a short countdown and then your iPad screen will be being shared.

6. Press the home button on your iPad to be returned to your home screen. Your iPad screen will now appear in your Teams meeting on your computer.

7. To end your screen sharing session tap on the small red icon at the top right of your iPad screen and tap Stop on the dialog that is displayed.



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